Dani Nash has been leading the charge of badass women in Toronto's music scene for the last ten years. Rapidly emerging from the hidden basements of some of Toronto's most renowned music venues, at 5 feet tall she stakes her claim as an underground rock n' roll giant. If she's not jumping out on stage from behind the bar to allure us all with her vocal flare, you can catch Dani Nash hitting the drums for almost every hip new band in the city, across the continent and Europe. (Collaborations include July Talk, Brendan Canning, Rhye, and Lowell.)

In anticipation for the release of her upcoming ep, Nash delivers us to evil with her latest singles Anatomy and Night Money. Her influences are ever present, as she chanels 70's glam rock and disco with soft Bowie-esque saxophone. Having handled most of the instruments herself Nash creates a unique sound all her own, bathed in catchy hooks and bound for popular desire.